OPENPORT: Realtime Performance, Sound & Language Festival brings together artists from a diverse
set of contemporary practices for an international festival featuring live acts and
real-time transmissions from practitioners within performance, sound, and the language arts. The
festival presents thirty-three artists, both established and emerging, in a series that
will take place over four weekends in February 2007 at Links Hall, an
intimate performance space in Chicago.

OPENPORT is an invitation to converge on the theme of live and
real-time in contemporary culture and practice. Keywords include: the live body, network
presence, virtual embodiment and disembodiment, duration, speed, live writing, programmatic composition, realtime
processing, live data acquisition and mapping. Links Hall, the host location for
the events, will be transformed into a permeable public space, an access
point for both physical and virtual arrivals and interventions.

In conjunction with the OPENPORT performances, there will several events throughout Chicago including a symposium
at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago featuring prominent visiting and local scholars
and artists, a lecture series at Joan Flasch Artists' Book Collection, and a panel discussion
at the Chicago Cultural Center.